May Not Be Pretty, But It Works

So I sometimes have trouble connecting to or staying connected to the wifi network (not enantiomer).  I prefer doing things via commandline whenever I can, or writing my own scripts.

So, as the title says, this may not be very pretty, but I use it, it works.  I’m sort of proud of myself for knowing how to do most of it just off the top of my head.  Parts did involve some googling “how to _______” to get it done, but now I know how to do those too.\

It’s not really for debugging, like it says, and it’s not too interactive, but I really wanted to call it that.

echo Debugging Interactive Script Continue reading 

Random Thoughts of Today

Ooooohhhh, lots of posts today!

Here’s the thoughts of the moment:

1)  I turned on my air conditioner for the first time of the year today.  After it was on for about a half an hour, I was wondering why cool air was still not coming out.  I was afraid something was wrong with it again.  So I stared at it for a few moments and then realized … I never turned the thermostat up.  In other words, I FORGOT HOW TO AIR CONDITIONER.

2)  In case my “geek cred” was in doubt, here’s a short list of recent things.

  • I use Linux.  Wary Puppy 5.3, mainly.  I’ve been thinking about what other distros to try, but haven’t decided yet.  I have tried xPUD for the fun of it, but wasn’t impressed.  It’s still version 0.93 (not even 1.0 yet!) and is … well, needing more.  But as far as I know, it hasn’t seen a release for like a year or something.
  • I know multiple phrases in Vulcan, and have started using the language extensively in stories.  Kup-kitau nash-veh ein-Vuhlkansu.
  • My wi-fi network (which I set up “just so I knew how”) is called “enantiomer.”  I don’t have internet though, so I just set it up to share files between computers, which I primarily do with a regular, wired, LAN.
  • While the Sims may not be particularly geeky, I mesh and I create poseboxes.  For Vulcans.
  • I prefer to write my own bash scripts to connect to the internet, rather than using the GUI program.

3)  I have a mint plant.  It’s “chocolate mint,” which is a variety of spearmint.  I’ve had it since my birthday (the 7th) and it’s not dead yet!

4)  If you say “LAN network” I automatically think you don’t actually know what LAN stands for.  (Same goes for “PIN number” and “ATM machine” and “LCD display” and “GPS system” and “PDF format” and “DOS operating  system” and “HIV virus” and “ISBN number” and “UPC code.”)