Pray For Your Covering

I shared this on facebook and finally thought I would share it here, too.

Encouraging Thought for the Day:

Pray for your covering.

Too often I hear people complain about their Pastor or Rabbi or this leader or that. Do we realize that when we do this we are actually cutting holes in our own covering? Yes, because by undermining your spiritual covering it is not much different than running your knife through your tent while it’s raining.

The adversary is constantly firing darts and your spiritual covering (Rabbi, Pastor, etc) is taking on a large portion of this fire because they are on the front lines. They are on the front lines protecting you, being that first line of defense.

Sometimes I think instead of seeing that they are the first line of defense we complain that they aren’t warding off all darts.

Well, are you helping by poking holes in their covering?

When we complain about leadership instead of praying for and going to them about areas of concern you are in fact working in a spirit of rebellion. Each one of us need to keep that spirit in check lest we too ruin the protection.

If you aren’t praying for your leadership, if you aren’t encouraging them while they encourage you AND provide a spiritual covering then we really have no room to complain.

Too many wonderful leaders get burned out because those under their covering succumb to the spirit of Korach and often leads to a split or just destruction of the body. Yeah it is that dangerous.

Pray not only for your leaders today but also the leaders in your community. They not only need your encouragement but also your support in prayer. Remember they are on the front lines.

Pray, love, live. Shalom!


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